Our Story

This story isn’t one that starts on a paddock, donning the RM Williams and herding cattle with my grandfather at 4am for decades before taking over the local meat hook. 

Our story starts with a city boy living a city life overindulging in the luxuries the 21st century calls food. Yes, highly processed, hyper-palatable, mass-produced objects that can be chewed and swallowed, DONUT get me started. This was one fast way to be a number of the “tribe” we now refer to as the “obesity” epidemic.

I was in the rat race, unaware of why I was being challenged.


I have personally confronted and overcome a host of health challenges that were directly correlated to the lifestyle I was living. Obesity, Hemochromatosis, bedwetting, essentially non-existent Testosterone levels, Raynaud’s disease and disordered eating habits to name a few. I assumed that this was just life happening to me and how you're meant to feel.

With a move from the coast to the capital and 30kg lighter, I became a personal trainer to help others. I thought I knew it all, eating $4 Chicken Breast, Broccoli and a 6 pack of muscle on my torso. This was my vision of health. Sounds good, looks good but functions poorly, little to no energy, libido or love outside of my physical self. 

The biggest shift in my life that supported me to work through the above health issues was the discovery of animal-based eating in 2020 (sadly few education systems currently teach this stuff). I was supported, coached and educated by leaders in this space. I have since continued to embody the lifestyle and reversed every one of the above-listed health challenges. I am now energetic, clear in my thinking, pain free and capable of building a family and being a father. I continue to learn and develop my knowledge. 

My health transformation led to those around me wanting to know more, they wanted questions answered, they wanted more of the life I was now living. So I shared with them my knowledge and they now live a life they have always dreamed of.

I am now grateful to be sharing my knowledge and resources with the world.

So the business was born and we called it Meating You, promising to meet every individual where ever they are in their life.

Meating You has a vision for a pain-free world and is on a mission to educate the world on the benefits of an animal-based lifestyle in the most simplistic, digestible form that you can integrate into your life.  It means more than meat. It means more than logistics. 

What if there was no such thing as a diet, and there was just food and your relationship with it? 

I only knew "diets + good and bad foods”. This is the world we live in.

We will share with you what's possible with the who, what, why, when and how of an animal-based lifestyle. 

To support the education, Meating You will supply and deliver nutrient-dense, ethically raised hormone and antibiotic-free meat to your door. 

The most important thing I have learnt is that there is no “right” or “wrong” way and above all is respect and inclusion not exclusion.

We care for you, we care for the animals and we care for the environment.

We respect everyone's opinion, meaning and attachment to each of the above three care factors. We ask that you respect and trust us and we will meat you all where ever you're at.