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Meating Your Weekly Product Pick

Our 70g bags of Barbell Biltong or Meat Sticks


Because there is a high chance you’re about to be on holiday and doing some lounging around. When we do this and we are a little less active we may get a little more bored and a little more hungry. Having a nutrient dense super snack available will give you energy and save $$ on not needing to buy new clothes because you didn't choose the Christmas pudding instead. Buy a bag or 10 today :)

Meating Your FAQ - How much protein should I start eating?

This is one of our most common questions. People get quite concerned at how little they may be eating, compared to how much someone on an animal based diet eats. 

As per our commitment, let's keep it really simple, as simple as 1,2,3

  1. Aim for one gram of protein per pound of goal body weight. Generally speaking, 1lb of meat (454g) contains about 100g of protein.
  2. For example, someone with a goal body weight of 170lbs/77kg should consume about 1.75lbs (794g) of meat per day.
  3. Match the number of grams of protein (170g) with the same amount of fat (170g) from whole foods and this will make up a healthy balanced eating protocol.

Meating Your Weekly Food Facts - The power of liver

Gram for gram and calorie for calorie, liver is the most nutrient dense food you can find. It truly knocks muscle meats out of the park in every vitamin and mineral and is abundant in many essential nutrients that are either scarce or non-existent in plant foods.

Liver is an unrivalled source of:

Vitamin A ➜ skin and eye health

Vitamin B12 ➜ energy levels

Folate ➜ cellular growth

Iron ➜ energy levels and cognitive function

Copper ➜ nerve and immune system health

Please email us directly on info@meatingyou.com  if you would be interested in a bag of freeze dried organic beef liver? Simply throw a spoonful into your next meal.

Meating Your Weekly Health Hack - Rhythm and routine is key to a good night's sleep, see my special protocol that has allowed me to fall asleep quicker, get more sleep in less hours

  • Watch the sunrise & sunset (this keeps the body's circadian rhythm)
  • No training past 6pm if possible (the heat of the body activation will be too late and the body will need more in depth work to relax)
  • Last meal 3 hrs before bed (you don’t want your body working hard to digest whilst trying to sleep as this will heat it up)
  • Warm shower at least 2-3hrs before bed (this allows the body to start cooling from the inside and the brain knows to start preparing for bed)
  • Wear blue light blocking glasses
  • Remove the screens at least 30 mins before bed or install a blue light blocking application
  • Magnesium 300-500mg 30mins before bed
  • Place your device on flight mode away from your bed
  • Consciously pay attention to every breath for 10 mins in bed. Inhale for 4 seconds and exhale 6 seconds this will put the body's state in relaxation ready to sleep.
  • Tape your mouth closed so you only nasal breathe in your sleep (3m tape is best used or MYO tape)
  • Wear an eye mask or black out the room
  • Wear ear plugs to reduce the noise

Goodnight IRENE!

This is a lot to action if you’re currently doing little to none of these. As always with anything we share, start somewhere and build on it. One action is better than no action!

Meating Your Weekly watch - Jamie promised 5 mins but he got excited on his first podcast appearance.

*We Discuss:*

  • The importance of the breath. 
  • A guided breath work session. 
  • How to develop a breath work practice. 
  • What animal based diet did for Jamie. 
  • Who and what is Meating you
  • How to gain mental clarity. 
  • And then we got a bit woo woo and told each other how grateful we were for each other...

QUOTE OF THE WEEK By Johannes Egberts

“Don’t search for what the world needs, search for what lights you up and go do it. The world needs more people lit up to live their best life.”