The what, why and how of animal-based eating

We are here to supply and deliver one of the most essential survival mediums there is in life, to your door - MEAT!

What is animal-based eating?

Animal-based eating prioritises the most nutrient rich and bio-available (readily available to be absorbed, digested and used by the body) foods on the planet. 

Animal-based eating removes processed foods and oils.

We can heal the body and mind PLUS feel satisfied, supple and smiley AF. 

Why is prioritising more animal-based food beneficial to human health?

The world hasn’t always had high rates of depression, autoimmune diseases, starvation and low levels of energy, joy and satisfaction. We have only seen more of these problems become worse and worse as the world has evolved over the years. 

Since the introduction of agriculture over 10,000 years ago these numbers have skyrocketed. We have lost the ability to hunt, cook, chew and truly appreciate our food. Our jaws have become narrower, breathing has become faster, skull size has increased for larger brains and yet smaller capacity. All of these changes in the human body have occurred from the decreasing need for us to hunt, cook and chew our food. Our food now comes conveniently mushed, fried or dyed, packed in a plastic bag, heated in 2 minutes and finished in 4 minutes.

Our foods have become extremely convenient, highly processed, ultra-palatable, calorie rich and nutrient poor. Leading us to being overfed, under nourished, over medicated and sick and unhealthy.

History and multiple studies show that prioritising animal products from nose to tail including meat, dairy and eggs is essential for a healthy diet.

How does an animal-based lifestyle optimise longevity?

With a little bit of this and a little bit of that, consume more quality meat and fat.

If it didn’t exist before Fred Flintstone, safe to say it's not going to help you thrive.

The more you get to meat us here at Meating You, you will quickly understand that we like to keep things simple. Our approach to living and eating in a way that optimises our life starts with 1-2-3;

  1. Eliminating highly processed, hyper palatable foods (including seed and vegetable oils), processed sugars, alcohols and everything containing these;
  2. Understanding the impact that particular “health” foods can have on our health and eating less of them;
  3. Eat more quality nutrient dense animal-based food from the nose to tail, and other varieties of food low in toxicity. 

Most importantly we are all about inclusion, not exclusion. Respect is above all and we welcome you all. Remove toxic food, habits and people from your life and replace them with real food, good habits and real people, and watch your life transform.