Six Strategies for Christmas

Six strategies to have a FAT time and stay SUPER over Christmas!

Merry Christmas family and friends.

We are committed to inclusion and not exclusion, that means people, places and things.

Christmas is a time that unfortunately causes a lot of stress and anxiety . We want you to love, be loved, share compassion, give, receive and be present with those around us

A lot of the stress can simply be removed if we create some good habits around our health over the holiday period.

So with that in mind, here are some inclusive strategies we like to use to stay present, healthy and energetic whilst having a fat time:

1 - Prioritise your protein intake - Start with the juicy animal proteins that are dense and full of nutrients.

Start with the juicy animal proteins that are dense and full of nutrients. The decisions you make on the food you eat afterwards as the body will feel full and satiated. You can make friends with salad, under one condition, they are accompanied by a nice slice of ham or turkey. 

2 - Eat at the meal times

Everyone loves mum’s Ballarat slice that keeps getting bought out all day or the choccy bags that sit out waiting for you to cave. Stick to having your 2-3 meals a day. It will save a lot of unconscious consumption of food. If you feel the need to snack, have a glass of water and a protein option first, then see if you still want to snack. 

3 - Intermittent fast

Wake up, cuddle, love, gift, exercise and do all the fun things until it’s meal time. If it’s afternoon lunch for the family gathering, try to occupy yourself until then. This will give the digestive system a break and an opportunity for the body to burn some energy and rid any excess energy. The first meal is still break-fast, it just doesn’t have to be at 7am. 

4 - Enjoy yourself and don't stress about missing out

Apply the previous principles and if you feel like smashing the pavlova, get it in you. But don’t cry afterwards. You chose to do this. If you want to do this a little more regularly then the next point is  useful. 

5 - Increase your daily activity to burn more energy

Utilise your time with your family and friends to enjoy the sun, swim in the river or beach, climb the mountain or chase the kids. These are all ways we can use the energy we are putting in. Simply sitting and doing nothing will lead to too much energy in, decrease in energy out and leave you feeling lethargic, growing out of your pants and not enjoying your time.

6 - Lastly, have a Merry Christmas and take responsibility

Don’t become the “I will worry about it next year” person. This is just setting your new year up for an accumulation of stress and anxiety about all the worries you have built up in the bank. Keep some rhythm and stay radical, you’re in control. 

Merry Chirstmas!